Our technicians will design the partials for optimum fit and function utilizing your design or ours. 

At Premier Dental Works, we fabricate Temporary Acrylic Partials and Acrylic Partials as a more permanent option.  We use premium processing techniques on our Acrylic Partials utilizing the SR Ivocap System. We are able to use premium or plastic teeth.


About Ivocap

The SR Ivocap injection procedure permits the fabrication of high-quality dentures that fit outstandingly and are comfortable to wear.

The homogeneous SR Ivocap High Impact denture base reduces the risk of possible fracture.

Pressure/heat polymerization enables both a high degree of polymerization and an excellent adhesive bond to resin teeth.

Efficient for dentists. Since processing-related increases in vertical dimension do not occur with SR Ivocap, wax patterns can be exactly reproduced. Destruction of occlusal morphology caused by time-consuming adjustments can virtually be eliminated.

Advantageous for patients. Optimum shrinkage compensation enables the fabrication of dentures that demonstrate exceptional accuracy of fit. Also, the special polishing properties help reduce the build-up of plaque.



If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us. We are happy to assist you and look forward to working with you.