Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns have been considered the gold standard for the repair of damaged teeth.

PFM crowns have good mechanical properties, nice esthetic results, and the biological quality needed for periodontal health. PFM crowns do have some limitations, though. For example, the esthetics can be compromised by the metal framework and the layer of opaque porcelain needed to mask the underlying grayish shade. However, PFMs certainly still have their place in today’s dentistry. 


Why PFMs?

They are an excellent choice for being used in conjunction with cast partials.  Utilizing a metal rest area and metal guideplanes insures a smooth insertion and fit for the partial. The porcelain provides for nice esthetics.

PFMs are used for attachments in conjunction with cast partials, and also for matching other restorations and shades in a patient’s mouth. 

It’s important to know that using a PFM with Metal Occlusion is kinder to the opposing dentition and/or opposing a full cast crown. 

PFM crowns provide peace of mind for dentists and patients because they have stood the test of time.


We offer

  • High Noble Yellow
  • High Noble White
  • Noble White
  • Base Metal


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