Premier Dental Lab offers high quality Duraflex and Visiclear flexible partials.  

Flexible partial dentures offer the dental profession a more comfortable and esthetic alternative to conventional metal-based partials; they also serve a useful role in implant treatment planning.

These flexible partials can be relined and repaired.  Duraflex and Visiclear flexible partials can have additional teeth added as well.  The Visiclear material can be used to inject clear clasps on a new or existing partial.


About Duraflex and Visiclear

DuraFlex offers highly desirable esthetics, with a veined appearance in six gingival colors and one transparent color. The material is translucent, allowing the natural coloring of the underlying tissue to show through, giving it a virtually invisible appearance.

VisiClear clasps offer a great choice for reliability and esthetics, as they utilize durable, transparent, and stain-resistant clasps to provide a natural-looking smile. Visiclear partials are a great alternative to unsightly metal clasps. They are extremely comfortable due to their lightweight and flexibly. VisiClear clasps can be added to nylon and chrome partials.


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us. We are happy to assist you and look forward to working with you.