Fixed Hybrid and Removable Dentures/Partials

Our skilled technicians can help walk you through these difficult cases. 

Our experience and knowledge will help guide you every step of the way.  These cases are exciting and present the latest in dental technology. 

You and your patients will love the results.  We also have Lunch Programs to present to you and your staff so we are a unified team on these cases.


Straumann ProArch

Today’s patients expect high levels of esthetics, comfort, and functionality that’s long-lasting. A series of supporting materials are available for clinicians to use during patient consultations to illustrate how implant-supported restorations can restore quality of life.

  • Custom-milled frameworks for final restoration
  • Multiple bar and bridge designs
  • Bars and bridges for abutment or implant level, or combination

The results? High-end final restorations that include the option for custom-milled hybrid and wrap-around designs.

Nobel Allon4

Allon4 provides stability even in minimum bone volume. This concept tilts the two posterior implants, which means longer implants can be used, to increase the bone-to-implant contact and avoid vertical bone augmentation.

Zest Anchors LOCATOR

These attachments are easy-to-use for the patients and are designed with customizable levels of retention and a lower vertical profile.


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